Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Massage at UpcharPhysiotherapy is performed using various essential oils which is gently rubbed on the body in certain ways that help remove toxins from the body to enhance blood circulation and muscle relaxation. the treatment administered by our massage therapists to help correct spinal alignment and reduce muscle spasms. This combination helps ease and elongate sore muscles, relieve tension in various parts of the body, and to prevent further instances of headaches, neck pain, and back pain. The massage therapist at our clinic are skillful and professional.

Upchar Physiotherapy massage therapy incorporates pain management into one of the goals to improve overall health. Once a good nutritional plan and exercise regimen is in place, it is necessary for recurrent pains to be kept at bay with proper pain management techniques, so that we may incorporate an overall healthier way of living into our daily routines.

Massage therapists can target a certain area depending on the specific injury or stress to the body. Even if an individual may primarily have complaints of a headache, this pain could be caused by pain in other areas of the body such as the neck and back. By having an overall assessment of the therapeutic needs of each person, these concerns can be addressed within the pain management plan.

Our therapists provide corrective treatment to help make our bodies feel and perform better, as well as the therapeutic benefits to make every treatment more beneficial to us in the future.

Upchar Physiotherapy creates an effective program that combines physiotherapy treatment and sessions with a massage therapist to advance the patient towards a progressively healthier body and lifestyle.

Rates for Services Adult(19-64) Senior (65 & over)

1) Massage Therapy – RMT - Adult
20 Minutes... $40 + HST
30 Minutes... $55 + HST
45 Minutes... $75 + HST
60 Minutes... $95 + HST
90 Minutes... $115 + HST

2) Massage Therapy – RMT - Senior
20 Minutes... $30 + HST
30 Minutes... $45 + HST
45 Minutes... $60 + HST
60 Minutes... $75 + HST